Upcycled Winter Wool Pillow Covers

Hello there!  Debra and I are two moms who love to take care of our family and friends by creating nurturing homes.  We’re also very thrifty (or cheap) so whenever we can, we love to upcycle and use what we already have in new ways.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon sewing up three pillow covers from a vintage wool blanket that one of us had thrifted a while back.  If a wool blanket is in perfect or near perfect condition, we’ll simply use it ourselves or pass it along to our etsy store, but if the blanket has holes or stains throughout, we try to upcycle it into accent pillows.  We hate to see something so beautiful thrown out.

Even though it was a hot and humid day yesterday I’m enjoying watching the changing color of the leaves and looking forward to many cozy days ahead.  Hope you are too.

Happy creating,


One comment

  1. I found your sight while perusing the net for upcycling projects and have spent all afternoon enjoying your home page. Al the projects and articles are so interesting. I wanted you to know I am very inspired by all you do and will keep very busy in the months to come, thank you, Cris

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