Plastic Fruit Makeover

Elizabeth and I get a lot of satisfaction out of finding new uses for everyday items.  Recently, while thrifting, I purchased a wooden pedestal bowl that was filled with plastic fruit.  I was  about to leave the fruit behind when a friendly shopper said “Oh I think the fruit comes with it”.  So, rather than tell her how much I dislike fake fruit, I took it home along with my “real” treasures.  After cleaning and photographing the bowl for our etsy shop, I decided to experiment with the plastic pears by covering them with some plain old jute twine.

Using my hot glue gun I started at the top of the pear and began applying the glue around the pear and then pressing the twine into the glue.  I kept the rows as close as I could get them and pressed in on the twine to follow the contours of the pear.  I continued the process ending in the center of the bottom of the pear.

Actually, this was a project that sat on my kitchen counter for a few days, which I kept coming back to whenever I had a few minutes to heat up my glue gun and wrap a few more rows.   I’m pleased with how they turned out.  I like their new textural quality and neutral color.  While I stuck with pears, I’m sure plastic apples would turn out equally as well.

Happy crafting! Debra

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