Book Page Wreath – Part 2 (packaging)

I’m still busy making book page ornaments for the upcoming Hope Christmas Market.  Today, however, I spent some time packaging a few up.  We wanted to find some way to protect these small wreaths and make them pretty for gift giving.  This is what seems to work the best for us right now:

Debra was able to find pie containers at our local bakery.  If you’re only making a few ornaments, you could simply recycle containers.  I like to keep Goo Gone on hand to get rid of the store stickers.  It makes the job so easy!


We needed a lot of containers so the store was willing to sell them to us in bulk for a small fee.

You may have-to ask around as we were turned down at several other bakeries.

After finding the right container, I simply added a little filler (shredded paper or Spanish Moss) underneath the ornament to keep it even more secure and tied the whole thing up with tulle ribbon.  If you’re not very good at making bows (like me!) tulle is great to have on hand because it’s so easy to use and very forgiving.  You can find it in the bridal section of most craft stores.

We are now all ready for gift giving (or at least we have a start).

Hope you have a wonderful time preparing for Christmas!

Blessings,  Elizabeth

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