Hope Christmas Craft Market – Part 2

Well it has been a busy time for us –  sewing, painting, planting, crafting, in preparation for this weekend’s Christmas Craft Market in Hope, New Jersey.  My husband took off from work this week to help me finish up some furniture projects and help care for our toddler, Jack.  This is the fourth year Elizabeth and I have done this show and, in the past, I admittedly have made my family crazy in the days leading up to this event.    This year has been different in a good way.  I vowed that I would keep my priorities of God and family ahead of my passion for this business.  I have largely worked around my husband’s project schedule this week and told myself what gets done gets done.   When he offered to give me the whole day to work on Wednesday, however, I was thrilled.  I called Elizabeth Tuesday night and told her I wouldn’t be doing Bible study on Wednesday so I could sew away without interruption.  I figured I wouldn’t even bother to get out of my pajamas!  Gently she questioned my priorities … how is God first if I’m bailing out of Bible study?  Let me say that it is wonderful to have Elizabeth as my business partner and even more wonderful to have her as my Christian “sister” to lovingly keep me on track when I go astray.  So, I went to Bible study where we are studying the book of Ruth – a delightful book that reads like a novel.  I left with some new insights and felt refreshed.  And, I still managed to sew up 11 pillow covers, a table cover for an eight foot long display table, do 3 loads of laundry and had time and energy for my family!

Now for a few after pics of some pieces I’ve been working on for the show:

This little plain jane ottoman has gotten a new life covered in a vintage mustard seed grain sack.  I also painted her lovely legs black.



This chair got a full body makeover – sanded, primed and painted black .  The seat received new foam and a cover I made by sewing together strips of jute upholstery webbing.  We use this a lot as we love its textural quality.


After (the gap between the cushion and the frame is because hubby hasn’t secured it in place yet!):

The vintage luggage rack got a similar treatment with a coat of black paint and new upholstery webbing straps.  This would make a great side table with a vintage suitcase perched on it.

We couldn’t have a chair for Him without having a chair for Her.  I don’t have a before pic but basically she was a plain Jane windsor-style chair.  I gave her a new paint job and made a removable seat cover in black and cream toile fabric that I quilted and then added a flirty pleated edge.

And then there was this collection of vanity trays from the 1950s that I primed and sprayed with Krylon spray paint in ivory.  It makes the metal look like lace:



This is just a sampling of the items we’ll have at the show.  You can find us on the stage in the Community Center (a beautiful old stone church).  We’ll be sure to take lots of pics for a future post!


One comment

  1. Beautiful job on ALL your projects!!! Wish I could attend your show to see all the lovely things that you and Elizabeth have made! Good for you to go to Bible study! Isn’t that just like God to help you accomplish so much after putting HIM first! Best wishes on your show.

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