Reflections on Christmas

I love this time between Christmas and New Years –

The kids are off school, sleeping in late.
The presents are all opened and put away.
Concerts are over (four in one week!).  The rush of last minute shopping and wrapping and decorating, done!  Leftovers galore!

With the passing of my brother Jonathan in October, I knew that this Christmas would feel different.  I cried when I  received the family Christmas card without his name.  I made a conscious effort this year to simplify – no baking (except for the Bon Bons which were given away as gifts) and Christmas Eve’s meal was Chinese takeout and a Pepridge Farm cake.  And my decorating has simplified.  The only truly Christmasy thing in the house is the tree.  The rest of the house is decorated for Winter, with simple pinecones and unadorned greens.

I love our tree because the decorations are so homemade and imperfect (a true reflection of us).  I look forward to the new ornaments made by the kid’s small hands every year – wonderful creations made out of popsicle sticks, rice, beans, macaroni, puzzle pieces and felt.  After the death of my brother, I have a new appreciation for the life that these little pieces represent.  I truly feel thankful for every day that we have together.

Mostly this Christmas I feel thankful for the gift of eternal life that we have in Jesus Christ – what a gift!  I asked my 9-year-old Henry to write a verse on our chalkboard for Christmas and this is what he came up with:

This has been the verse presiding over our home for the past month and a great reminder and comfort to all of us – that God promises us eternal life through His Son, Jesus.  May you also feel this comfort today and in the coming year.



  1. I love reading your blog – and seeing the pictures – and sensing how much you are valuing your home and your children – and Jesus. I’ll keep reading and now am looking forward to February and Country Living magazine.

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