Room Makeovers

Debra and I have been doing room makeovers for almost five years now. Our very first makeover, I waddled around six months pregnant with my youngest child, putting in my two cents but not being much help. We have found over the last few years that generally the people who hire us are good shoppers and know what they like. The trouble comes in, however, when they bring the item home and it just doesn’t seem to work. Our goal in helping clients is to rearrange and recapture the love of their home primarily by using what they already have.

I’ve been spending time going through some of our old photographs and my plan is to periodically share some before and after pictures with you.  Here’s a look at a master bedroom makeover that we did a while ago:



We did suggest that the homeowner purchase a few pillows and a throw just to pull the room together.  The beautiful piece above the bed was in the small bonus room off the master bedroom which you can see in another photo.  We changed the curtains to better frame out the bed and make it the focal point of the room.  We love the rich browns and purples which the homeowner already had.

Here’s another example of “framing things out” – plates and crosses work especially well, but really, anything you want to highlight.

Before (small bonus room)

This is a beautiful small room off the master bedroom.   The french doors and sweet little chandelier are nice features in this little bonus room.  However, the homeowner was unsure about the purpose of the space and thus it just became storage.  We thought it would be a wonderful home office/sitting room for the woman of the house – a room all to herself.


Hope this inspires you to look at things you already have in new ways.


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