Snow Day

Woke up on Saturday to a beautiful blanket of snow. My plans of going to the gym quickly changed to a large breakfast of french toast and finding snow gear for the kids. Being from Minnesota, it was so nice to finally see white for winter. I decided to organize our mountain of mismatched mittens, hats and gloves. This actually took me all day since there where many interruptions for bundling and rebundling children along with several hot cocoa breaks.

Here’s what I accomplished:

This repurposed shoe organizer works great for mittens and gloves.   It’s wonderful because in one glance, we can see what we have.  No more digging through bins of hats and gloves, making a mess in the process.  (Yes, I do have one missing spot.  It ripped, so I just cut it out rather than buy a new one).  The bottom row, which you can’t see, is filled with single mittens still looking for their match – hopefully, they’ll turn up some day.

The trunk by the front door now only holds hats and scarves.

I don’t have a mud room in my home, so I had to carve out a space in my living room.

It feels great to have this organized.  We’ll see how long it lasts!



  1. Great idea! Recognize one of those pairs of mittens – the felted ones on the top shelf! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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