Greta’s Banner

I recently made this pink banner for my daughter’s four-year-old birthday. I’ve seen these banners all over and have always loved them.  They’re so festive for a party but I also work great for decorating a child’s room.  Etsy has many fabric banners to choose from.  I wanted to make Greta’s banner a little more personal  so I used some favorite toddler dresses that she had worn. I had saved them for about two years and couldn’t get myself to part with them.  Rather than make a quilt, I thought a banner would be a quick, easy way to use this fabric full of memories.

Here’s what I had to work with:

I started by making a template from another banner that Debra loaned to me.  This adorable red, white and blue banner is from The Land of Nod.  Check out their online store for many cute decorating options for kids.

I then spent a Sunday afternoon tracing and cutting out about 60 of these triangles.

I sewed two triangles together, right sides facing out with about a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  I then simply trimmed the edge with pinking sheers.

Greta’s always had an eye for fashion.  That pink and purple material came from a sundress that she insisted on wearing almost every day one summer.

 I purchased coordinating Bias tape , 1/2 inch wide for the top of the banner.  This worked great.  You simple tuck the top of the triangle into the bias tape and sew together.

I love that I can look at this banner and be reminded of her days as a toddler.  Hopefully she’ll love it as well.  Time goes by too quickly!



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