Two Finished Projects…

I love starting projects. I have a basement workshop full of them, all in various stages of completion. Anyone else like this? I also love dreaming about projects. Taped to the wall above my sewing machine are pictures of projects that I would love to start someday – new designs for pillow covers, table runners, wreaths, furniture makeovers, repurposed items, etc., etc., etc.

Ideas are great but I’m very aware of my limitations in seeing these ideas come to fruition – limitations in skill, knowledge, time and resources.  That’s why I was marvelling the other day while reading Genesis chapter one.  When God creates, He just speaks and it is – no limitations!  I love to think that I can create (on a very small-scale) because I am made in His image.  He made me with the ability to appreciate beauty and the desire to create it.

This week, I’m pausing to bask in the glow of two finished projects.  They may not seem like that big of a deal but to me they’re huge because they took me FOREVER!  So glad to finally be done with them.  The first is my shower curtain.  We’ve been living with just the plastic liner for the past year while I searched for the perfect curtain.  I finally gave up and decided to make one out of my stash of material.  

This was upcycled from some vintage curtain panels that I found at a thrift shop a while back.  I didn’t have a panel wide enough so I ended up piecing it together.  If you look close enough you can see a seam but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

It’s beautiful heavy material and I still have about four panels left so we’ll see where they end up around my house.

It’s not perfect but a vast improvement.

The second project was the wreath that you saw at the top of this post.  I came across this book page wreath while doing some research on paper crafts and instantly loved it.  I’ll add the link to the directions once I find it.

I used a simple straw base which I spray painted white (probably not necessary since I packed the roses in so tightly).  This 19 inch wreath took one beat up novel that was probably bound for the trash anyway.  Each rose is two pages thick.  You simple draw a spiral, cut out and roll from the outside in.

This wreath is so, so simple but very, very time-consuming.  Enjoy the process and give yourself some time.  I think it’s worth it.  I took Debra’s advice and just left it on my kitchen counter and worked on in little by little over the course of one week.  I found four more wreath bases in my basement so plan on whittling away a few more for upcoming craft show.

Now on to less fun projects like fixing the clogged dishwasher drain.  I’m hoping to clear it out before having to call in a professional.  I’d much rather use the money for thrifting.  Hope you have a great weekend!


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