Happy Easter Banner

As a 4-year-old, my daughter Greta seems endlessly fascinated with letters. Her greatest accomplishment right now has been learning to write her name.  She also loves filling a page with her favorite letters (right now “h” and  “i”), then asking me what it says.  She thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world when I make something up.  So, it was no surprise when we spent a good chunk of our morning playing with these foam letters.

Somewhere in the course of stacking the letters, catagorizing them by color and creating made up words, I began tracing them on old book pages.  I decided to make  another banner, this time for the chalkboard in our dining room.

It was such a simple project and Greta enjoyed watcing the words take shape.

After getting all the letters cut out, I simply hot-glued them to a piece of kitchen string, then taped the whole thing to the chalkboard.  So simple and cost nothing!

Greta decorated the Easter eggs on the chalkboard after instructing me to draw three ovals.  I probably would have chosen something different but I reminded myself that it’s her house too.  She loved it!

Hope you’re having a wonderful spring!


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