A Woodland Inspired Spring Tablescape

It seems whenever we are working on someone’s home some element of the makeover weaves its way into my own home decor.  Working on The Manor House at The Pines was no exception.  We spent so many afternoons there, enjoying the woodsy, earthy surroundings as we worked that, almost without realizing it, I began bringing a few nature elements into my own home.  So here’s my woodland-inspired spring tablescape for my kitchen island:

The slab of tree trunk came from my husband’s woodpile.  I dug the grape hyacinths  out of my flower bed  (to be put back to bed later).  The moss was growing along the edge of our property (there are styrofoam peanuts underneath as filler).   And, the deer antler adds  some visual and tactile interest.

I like the combination of the rustic nature elements with the elegant milk glass.  You can find these vintage milk glass pieces along with many more in our Etsy shop if you like them, too! Happy Spring! Debra

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