Plastic Egg Makeover

ImageAfter 10+ years of Easter egg hunts, we have amassed quite a collection of these suckers.   Like rabbits, they just seem to multiply.   I thought I’d try giving these eggs a makeover with some good old jute twine, similar to what I did with plastic fruit in an earlier post.  All it takes is twine and a glue gun.  Starting at one end, simply dab some glue and press the end of the twine into it.

Continue to apply the glue around the egg and press and wrap the twine into the glue until you have the entire egg covered.   The jute is a bit “hairy” so once I completed the egg, I simply went over it with scissors and trimmed off some of the fibers.

With a little more care and time, I  think I could have gotten my rows of twine closer together so as not see any of the plastic egg show through.

But, they’re fine for me.

Happy crafting! Debra

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