Manor House Updates

Here’s a few new updates since our last post on the Manor House:

Debra and I found this beautiful table at The Nest, one of our favorite local shops.  We love the  detail in the pedestal base.

This is what we previously had placed in the home’s central stone tower.  We like this look also but felt ultimately that the other table was a better option.  Since there are many people who stay in this retreat center, we didn’t want to worry about people tripping on the skirt.

We also purchased a larger table for the foyer area (also from The Nest).  We wanted  plenty of room for brochures and a guest book.

We love that people are already writing in this book.  One guest wrote that they’ve dubbed this home “The Hobbit House”.

There are so many great details in this “Hobbit House”.  Here’s the boot scraper outside one of the doors.

The Fleur de Lis pattern is repeated throughout the home.

the quatrefoil design,

and Rondelle windows with bulls-eye glass, just to name a few.

This is another view of that central stone tower.

Here’s the door leading into the foyer.  This really says, “Hobbit” to me.  I particularly like the heart-shaped key hole and the cross in the little window.

The house is fun to explore but there are also many places to sit and relax,

play games or read a good book,

or take a long walk, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of this home.

Hope you consider staying at this beautiful retreat center.  For further information or to book a retreat contact Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center.    And remember, as one guest wrote, “keep your eye out for Bilbo Baggins”.


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