Versatile Milk Glass

I spent a delightful morning on Debra’s front porch yesterday photographing these milk glass vases for our Etsy store.  We love the simplicity and elegance of these white vases.

These simple, humble vases take on a whole new elegant look when grouped together.  Great for a summer wedding.  An added bonus is their ability to simplify flower arranging.  One flower per vase is all it takes to make a gorgeous grouping.

These peonies are just starting to bloom in our area.  They’re my favorite.  The scent is absolutely heavenly.

Here’s an idea for getting more mileage out of those candlesticks that you may have sitting in a cupboard: flip them upside-down for a simple vase.  This works perfectly for one lush bloom.

Candlesticks also double as impromptu pedestals, giving even a humble object more prominence.

So, pull out that milk glass, group it together, turn it upside-down and have a great time transitioning into summer.



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