Upcycled Ties for Father’s Day

Turn your unwanted ties into eyeglass cases.   It’s a quick and easy homemade gift for your dad that he’s sure to love.

These are two ties that I recently picked up at a local thrift shop.  I love the patterns and textures.  Wide ties work great for sun glasses, thinner ones for reading glasses.

Here are the supplies that you’ll need:


needle and thread

glasses (for measuring)

snap or velcro

Check out my vintage snap fasteners left over from my grandmothers sewing box – 10 cents!

Insert glasses into wide end of tie to measure where you will need to cut.

Cut off excess tie and discard or save for another project.

Sew under rough edge of tie.  I used my sewing machine but you could just as easily hand stitch this.

Using a coordinating thread color, stitch down the side of the tie, creating a long “pocket”.  I used a simple whip stitch for this step. When using a matching thread color, you can hardly see the stitches.  Be careful not to sew all the way through or you’ll have trouble fitting the glasses in later.

Hand sew snap or velcro for closure.

Here’s the finished product:

These cases also work great for holding other things, like sewing supplies…

or pens or anything else you may need to organize.

Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your dad.  Happy Father’s Day!


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