Getting Organized with Vintage Finds

After a summer of less structured days, later nights and fewer rules, its nice to turn our thoughts to getting organized.  Sometimes the task seems overwhelming to me.  What helps, however, is if I have storage vessels that inspire me – like a cool vintage suitcase or an old locker basket. Recently, when I made over my mudroom, I incorporated a few of my favorite vintage pieces to keep this high traffic, hardworking area in order.  For example, I love this vintage suitcase that I found at our church yard sale last year.

 I am using it for storing off-season hats, scarfs and mittens.

 Elizabeth uses  vintage suitcases in her home as well for under-the-bed storage.

I like this old wire egg basket because you can see  the stuff that’s at the bottom.

In the summer I use it for  corralling flipflops and my little guy’s shoes.  In the winter I’ll switch out the shoes for the hat, scarfs and mittens that are presently in the suitcase.

I have 3 vintage gym locker baskets that fit nicely in the bottom of my hutch – one for each child’s artwork and school papers.

I made some canvas liners because all that paper starts to look unsightly about a quarter of the way into the school year.   Of course, when the kids aren’t looking I do some purging!

Although this isn’t vintage, I love using a large straw tote for hiding all my outgoing stuff (mail, egg cartons to return to the local farmer, library books, videos, etc.)

It holds a lot and I like the texture it adds to the room.  You can find these straw bags so easily in thrift shops or a beach souvenir shop.

I have an ironstone collection displayed on my hutch that I enjoy looking at.  I have pressed one of the pieces into service as a catch all for my husband’s keys, change and cell phone.

Hubby drilled a tiny hole in the back of my hutch so that I could fish the charger wire through from the outlet.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like seeing charger wires draped all around the house!

Here are two other vintage favorites for storing and organizing:

Mason jars are wonderful in the pantry for storing dry goods.  Swipe the top with some chalkboard paint and you have erasable labels!



Another favorite of ours is old wooden soda crates.  They are perfect for organizing craft and office supplies, condiments for a picnic, a small portable bar or on the wall as shelving for spices, etc.


Check out this cool Lego storage idea!


And this one is styled as shelving in the bathroom.


You can find vintage pieces like these quite easily on  Etsy and Ebay.  Hope you are inspired to do a little organizing now that the kids are back in school!


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