Upcycled Picture Frame Trays

Elizabeth and I are busy, busy, busy  getting ready for the Hope Christmas Craft Market held each year in Hope, NJ, during the first weekend in December.

One of my projects has been to upcycle old metal frames into trays and chalkboards.  I  picked several up at yard sales and thrift shops during the year.

Three of them had glass, making them ideal for turning into trays.   After cleaning them, I sprayed them with one coat of primer and then 2 – 3 coats of Krylon ivory spray paint in a satin finish.  I used spray glue to  adhere my fabric (wallpaper or scrapbook paper would also work) to the cardboard that was in the frame.  We are doing lots of plaid this season in our pillows so I used some leftover fabric pieces for the trays.  Then I simply reassembled the frame, placing the fabric covered board under the glass.

I also added felt to the underside to prevent the trays from scratching tabletops.

I like how the ivory paint brings out the beautiful design on these frames.  It reminds me of lace.  Combining a feminine element (lace) with a masculine element (plaid) always makes for a pleasing combination.

These trays are great for a mini bar or hot cocoa station, on a nightstand or simply for corralling a display of smaller items.

For the other two frames, I painted over some hardboard artwork that I had saved (taken out of other frames) with 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  Because they already had easel backs, they are ideal as tabletop chalkboards.

We’ll be sharing more befores and afters of pieces we are working on for the Hope Christmas show in the coming weeks.  Happy Crafting!  Debra


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