Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I don’t think we will ever tire of using burlap in our home furnishings line – it works with any color scheme and adds so much texture to a room.


That said, we end up with a lot of small pieces left over from larger projects.  I recently put those scraps to use in a burlap wreath.  I love how it turned out and it was fairly easy (albeit time consuming!) to make.


I found a  tutorial for making it at Made in a Day.   I made a few changes to the process as follows:

For my wreath, I used a 14″ straw wreath, burlap scraps and lots of hot glue.  Kim at Made in a Day used burlap ribbon for her wreath but since we have tons of burlap scraps, I used them instead.

Step 1:  Cut the burlap into 4 inch squares.   A rotary cutter and cutting mat work great for this.  I used a total of 150 squares for my wreath.


Step 2:  Shape the squares into a cone shape  like this ( a picture truly is worth a 1,000 words!) and secure into place with glue:




Step 3:  Glue the first layer of cones to the back side of the wreath.  I used 29 cones.


Step 4:  For the second layer, glue them to the back, positioning them in between the other cones and a little closer to the outside edge.  Here again, 29 cones.


Step 5: For the third layer, fold the bottom inch of the cone back and glue to the outside edge of the wreath.   You may need a little extra glue on the back side of these cones (securing them to the previous layer) so they lay flat. 29 cones.



Step 6:  For the fourth layer,  cut about 1 inch off the tip of the cone and glue from the front.  25 cones.


 Step 7:  For, the fifth layer continue to use the shorter cones, positioning them closer to the center of the wreath.  22 cones.


Step 8:  For the 6th and final layer, glue the shorter cones to the inside edge of the wreath, covering all of the exposed straw base.  16 cones.

Step 9:  Once you have all your layers, it may be necessary to go back and fill in any empty spots with more cones.

Step 10:  Trim off all the burlap strings, glue  a simple twine hangar to the back (or use ribbon)  and step back and admire.


This is a great basic wreath that you can easily embellish seasonally or use ribbon to coordinate with your color scheme.

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