A Beach House Facelift

We are working on this 1960s ranch style house at the Jersey shore to give the exterior a  facelift and add a whole lot of curb appeal.


Currently, the shingled-style siding is tan and all the trim is brown … it looks a bit drab and dated for a beach house we think.

Our game plan is to paint the existing siding a soft gray, typical of many beach style homes along the northeast coast.  Here’s some Pinterest images that we found inspiring:



Combined with the gray siding we’d like to change the color of the shutters to a dark blue, something like this color:


via Pinterest

Along with the blue shutters, white window boxes would really say “cottage” .


A new front door is in the budget as the current door has a large crack down the center of it.  We think a craftsman style wood door would be a nice complement to the painted siding and shutters.


via Pinterest

We are also recommending a couple changes to the hardscape when the budget permits.  1) a sidewalk made from brick pavers leading up to the front entry flanked with no fuss hostas along each side like this:


via Forevercottage.blogspot.com

and 2) painting or replacing the existing fence with a white one.


via Pinterest

Here’s how we picture the house after these changes:



We’ll be sure to share the actual after photos when the work is done, along with paint colors and sources.  We are also working on a plan for a budget kitchen makeover …. more to come on that.   Have a great week!

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