Open shelves and wallpaper

I love the look of open shelves in the kitchen. They break up the monotony of wall cabinets and provide an opportunity for adding visual interest, not to mention the practical aspect of everyone knowing where things are.  Open shelves can also make a kitchen feel larger.

The 1970’s kitchen of a Jersey shore house we are working on has a sea of dark upper and lower cabinets.


kitchen2Eventually, we will be painting out the cupboards and updating the appliances but in the meantime we needed a quick redo to kick this kitchen up a notch.

It took all of 5 minutes to remove 3 upper cabinet doors.  I didn’t remove all of the doors because we still need a place to hide the not so pretty kitchen stuff.


Last summer I picked up two rolls of this wallpaper at a yard sale, thinking we might use it to line the drawers of some of our furniture makeovers.   Since I had it on hand I decided to  try it as a backdrop for the shelves.


All it took was some careful measuring, my rotary cutter and some two-sided tape.  I like the blue and white nautical pattern as it seems a good fit for this seaside house.


Styling the shelves was fun, too.  All of the dishes, bowls  and stemware were found at local thrift shops and yard sales.   We kept to a largely all-white palette with a few wood bowls placed here and there to add texture.





This mini makeover was fun to do and provided  the instant gratification we needed until we can tackle a full kitchen makeover.


  1. Hi! Have painted your kitchen cabinets? I have similar ones in my home. I’m ready to paint them but not sure about the wood piece in the center.

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