Lavender Sachets

We love to read other blogs for inspiration. One blog that we’ve enjoyed recently is Sutton Place Designs.  Since Debra and I both sew, we’ve paid particular attention to Ann’s beautiful sewing projects.  Her lavender sachets caught our attention.


Due to our frequent thrifting excursions, we both have a fair amount of material stashed away.  Debra had a beautiful piece of old cotton grain sack with a sweet pink and light blue stripe running through the middle.  Since it was stained in several places, cutting it into squares for lavender sachets seemed to be the best use for it.  Debra cut the material into 7 inch squares, being careful to avoid any holes or stains.  She then handed the squares off to me for sewing and filling with lavender.  I’m so pleased with the results.


To maximize the grain sack material, we used a simple cotton drop cloth for the back.  The two fabrics married well together and you can hardly tell the difference between the two.

With right sides together, I stitched around the perimeter of the square, leaving about three inches open on one side.  I then clipped the corners and turned the material right side out.  I filled each sachet with one and a half cups of lavender and whip stitched by hand the three-inch opening.  I then top stitched around the perimeter of the satchet to finish it off.

I bundled two sachets together and tied them up with blue and white twine and a vintage button, also thanks to the inspiration of Sutton Place Designs.  Be sure to check out Ann’s beautiful blog and store!


As always, our favorite projects are those that are upcycled.  We love to take something that is damaged, worn, stained or bound for the trash and make it into something new and beautiful.  Hope this inspires you as well!



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