How to Create a Wall Gallery

We were back working on this little three bedroom ranch at the Jersey shore that we first blogged about here.  I wanted to create a gallery wall in the living room to add some  interest to what is largely a very plain square room with no focal point. Over the past few months I thrifted a variety of beach themed wall art to use for this project: image

It’s amazing what you can find for just a couple of dollars.  Like this  needlework portrait of the old fisherman.  I love how it was done using only shades of brown.


I thought this 1950s wire and nail tramp art ship was so interesting.


 Having a few smaller pieces of artwork are helpful for filling in the “holes”.


I also found this beautiful oil painting.


Sometimes artwork fits the grouping better when it is taken out of its frame which is what I ultimately did with this piece.

When Elizabeth and I do a wall art arrangement, we trace each piece of art onto brown paper.  Using painter’s tape, we start arranging the pieces of brown paper  on the wall.  We start with the larger pieces first and then fill in with the smaller ones.  Then we step back periodically and see if the arrangement is pleasing to our eyes.


In this instance we decided to go totally asymetrical. If you prefer a grouping that is more symmetrical, you can  keep the spacing between the pieces the same, or  line them up so as to have an even bottom or top line.


Although we mixed the forms of artwork – needlework, oil, water color, tramp art and even a porthole style mirror -the grouping works because the beach theme serves as the constant thread.

image image The scale of the grouping is a bit small for the size of this large wall.  Once  we find a few more pieces of artwork, we will enlarge this grouping.


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