Beach House Exterior Color Scheme

We are making progress on the exterior of this house located at the Jersey shore.  The house was stuck in the 1970’s with its beige and brown color scheme.


We specced a gray/blue/white color scheme for the facade to give it a more beachy vibe.  Something like this:


The paint colors we chose are from Sherwin Williams:

Sensible Hue 6198 for the body of the house

Link Gray 6200 for the concrete porch floor

Blueblood 6966 for the shuttersimage

imageSuper White for all of existing brown trim.

The house has now been painted out in Sensible  Hue.  We’ve added new vinyl board and batten style shutters from Lowes which come in a paintable finish.  They each received two coats of Sherwin Williams Blueblood.  Together with the new vinyl flower boxes from, they add a cheerful look to this little house.


We planted a mix of annuals in purples/pinks/white along with two small boxwood in each box for some ever green color throughout the year.  I can’t wait to see them filled out and overflowing with color!


We also replaced the front door which was cracked and warped and removed the storm door altogether.  The new craftsman-style door was purchased from Lowe’s.


The front porch was cleaned with a pressure washer and then painted with porch and patio paint in Link Gray, which is a couple shades darker than the body of the  house.


All of the trim has gone from brown to white.  The existing porch columns received a low maintenance makeover by slipping plastic fence posts over  them and securing with screws.   The top and bottom of each column was then trimmed out with decorative molding.


We’d like to balance out the blue shutters by adding a punch of color to the other side of the front of the house.  We are thinking of doing either a porch valance across the narrow front porch or maybe just some plump pillows on the chairs.

 This is the Sunbrella outdoor fabric we like:

A porch valance would look something like this:

Canvas Porch Valance source:


Stay tuned for decorative accents and landscaping!



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