Favorite Pancakes


I probably make these pancakes at least twice a week. It’s a recipe that my mom passed down to me and I’ve adapted over the years to meet the needs of my family.  We’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch, supper or snacks.  You know it’s a favorite when your recipe book looks like this:



We even eat them cold with peanut butter and jelly on top.  I love them because they’re a comfort food that can be quite healthy.  Also, when the batter’s made the night before, they’re as easy as toast to prepare.  I have an electric griddle that sits on the counter most of the time.

Here’s the basic recipe.  I would encourage you to experiment with different oils and flours to meet the needs of your family.  I also like to sneak in pureed pumpkin, squash or sweet potatoes if I have them.  Ground oatmeal and flaxseed are also two favorites that I add often.

2 eggs

2 cups buttermilk or sour milk (2 tablespoons lemon or vinegar plus milk to equal 2 cups)

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons sugar

4 tablespoons oil (the original recipe calls for vegetable oil but I’ve been experimenting with other healthier oils such as melted coconut oil with pretty good success).  Melted butter works as well.

1  1/2 to 2 cups flour (I usually grind up old-fashioned oats and add whole wheat white flour)

Pour onto a hot griddle.  Flip when bubbles appear on the surface.  Top with your favorite toppings.  My favorite topping right now is natural peanut butter or almond butter with thinly sliced or grated apple.  So yummy!


Hope you give this recipe a try.  Great for that first day of school!  Just make up the batter the night before and be prepared with all kinds of fun toppings.  Have fun!!



    • Hi! Thanks for your question. Yes the batter does darken and separate overnight. It doesn’t really bother me. I simply do a few quick stirs and fry up. I’ve even left it in the refrigerator for a few days. I have in the past poured off the liquid on the top and added fresh milk although I haven’t found that to be necessary when the batter has just been in the fridge for 8 hours. If the darkening bothers you, you can fry up all the pancakes ahead of time and freeze. Then simply re-heat the pancakes just as you would a store bought version. I have done this before but my kids prefer them hot off the griddle! Hope that helps! Elizabeth

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