Paperwhites as cut flowers

Last week Debra posted about the paperwhites that we have available for sale.  We love to pot these up in vintage milk glass containers or wooden vessels.  You’ll get at least a month of enjoyment as you watch this bulb sprout up into fragrant white flowers on a tall stem.



Sometimes the flowers can seem a little too tall and they will begin to flop over if not given some kind of support.  Here, in the top right hand corner of the photo below you can see one of these plants that has reached that stage.


Sometimes all that is needed is a little twine or raffia tied in a bow midway up the stem.  If the plant still seems too tall, I’ve found that paperwhites make beautiful cut flowers that can extend your enjoyment of this plant for another week.  In the following photo, I simply placed a single stem in individual milk glass containers grouped together.  Couldn’t be simpler!



Or one single bud vase placed bedside adds simple elegance and subtle fragrance.


Hope you’re able to pause, even briefly, during this hectic holiday season to enjoy some simple beauty.


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