Graphic Tile for Our New Master Bathroom

Have you noticed all the graphic ceramic floor and wall tiles popping up lately on Pinterest and in decorating magazines?  Here’s a few that have caught my eye:


This one is from the 2013 Country Living House of the Year, designed by HGTV Design Star Emily Henderson and features Granada cement tiles:

The Country Living House of the Year, designed by Emily Henderson, features blue geometric tiles from Granada Tile. Really like this ♡


Both of these remind me of quilt patterns which I am naturally drawn to.  This one below has a more spanish look.



Did you notice a theme in these photos?  Yes, it is the presence of white and the absence of textiles – no curtains, rugs  towels (other than white ones)   Nothing to compete with the tile floor. And that is basically how our new master bathroom will be. No rugs because  the radiant heat installed in  the concrete floor needs to radiate and not be blocked by a rug.   No window treatment because there’s no window.  And because of its fairly small size, there just isn’t a lot of  space available to decorate.

Normally, I tend to stay pretty neutral in color for all major purchases – floors, walls, and large upholstered  pieces – these are high ticket items and costly to change.  And I also like to stay neutral for resale purposes.   In my home, color and pattern are reserved for pillow covers, throws and small accessories which are relatively inexpensive to switch up as my tastes  and seasons change.

But I have to admit I am smitten with the idea of a bold graphic floor.  We are presently finishing an area of our basement for our new master bedroom and bath.  Yes, it is odd to have a master in the basement.  But changes in our family have necessitated our move from the first floor master suite to the basement.  Thankfully, it is a walkout basement so the bedroom portion will have a good amount of natural light.  Anyway, more about that in another post!

I have looked at a lot of tile for the bathroom floor but I keep coming back to these graphic ones.  Because this is a basement bathroom, I feel I don’t need to be quite so concerned about resale.  And because this bathroom is small with no natural light, I think  a bold floor will help liven up the space and make the absence of a window less apparent.

 So I am going way out on a limb here by choosing this bright gold graphic pattern:

graphic pattern cement tiles

These 8×8 handmade cement and granite tiles are from

 This is a bold step for an all-neutral gal like me.  I hope I can handle it!  Stay tuned.



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