Egg Cups + Wheat Grass = Easy Spring Decor

I have been picking up these adorable vintage egg cups  throughout the year at yard sales and thrift stores and now have a collection in varying sizes.


 I couldn’t envision ever using  them for their intended purpose of holding a soft-boiled egg but I could  envision using  them for decorative purposes, especially for Spring.  I am drawn to the very plain ones and really like how they look when grouped.


Recently, I planted them with my go to “fresh flowers” … wheat grass.  Wheat grass is so easy and fast to grow (about 1 week)  and I love how it brings a pop of Spring color into my home.



For my Easter table, I set a couple on some wood rounds and covered them with a glass globe.  This gave them a bigger presence and also helped to deter our cats from jumping up on the table and chewing on the grass (cats love wheat grass).



I also weaved a few egg cups into my mantle display to refresh it for Spring and continue the theme.  It’s nice to see an element repeated.


Here’s a few other cute ideas for using egg cups that I found on the internet:

DIY Easter egg candles. Doubles as a table decoration and a cute Easter party favor.


Make sweet card place settings with this tutorial.  AND 45 BEST Spring Party & Decor Tutorials EVER with their LINKS!!! GIFT, PARTY, EVENT, SPRING, WEDDING DECOR. Blog & Photos from


nice for someone with an egg cup collection. Daughter of mine...


juniper sprigs in small containers to create "trees" at place settings...fill base w/berries & tiny pinecones


I have amassed more than I need of these egg cups, so if you would like an instant collection I will be listing a few sets in our etsy store in the coming days.

Happy Spring!



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