The Ikea Stenstorp Island

When we did the beach house kitchen makeover, I originally had planned to use the Ikea Groland  freestanding island.  The kitchen needed an additional work surface and I liked the industrial vibe of this piece.

GROLAND Kitchen island IKEA Gives you extra storage, utility and work space.But along the way, I realized that this modest kitchen would function better with some additional seating.  This led us to the Ikea Stenstorp island.

STENSTORP Kitchen island IKEA Free-standing kitchen island; easy to place where you want it in the kitchen.

The Stenstorp freestanding island packs a lot of style in addition to functionality.  It comes with a solid oak butcher block top that can be stained light or dark.  We chose Minwax dark walnut to match the other countertops.


  If this  kitchen had been larger, we probably would have opted to mix the countertops (wood on the island and laminate or maybe granite on the perimeter).

The base of the island is white and it also comes in black.  The painted finish could be changed with some sanding and priming.   We left ours as it was because it matched the color of our cabinets.

On the side facing in, the Stenstorp has two shelves finished in stainless steel.  I love these!  They give the piece an industrial vibe and  provide lots of storage.  We added the two wooden crates from Home Depot for housing paper goods and water bottles.


On the other side, there is plenty of room for two counter stools.  Counter stool choices will dictate  whether the island feels country, modern or industrial, enabling this piece to blend with  any decor.


We outfitted our island with three dark bronze hooks from Home Depot.  These are perfect for towels and it customizes the island so it doesn’t look like every other Stenstorp that’s out there.



For additional functionality and a cool look, you could add casters to the island.


The $399 price tag, together with the fairly easy assembly, make this an ideal piece for a modest kitchen update.


  1. I love the pictures of your kitchen!! We have just purchased the Bodbyn Off-white Cabinets, and I have been all over the place for the floor, backsplash and countertop. LOVE your floors. Could you tell me a but about your floors if you can? Color,..where purchased…appoximate cost. And also, how are the wood countertops working for you? Is there alot of upkeep?

    Sharon Fumia –

    • Hi Sharon, The terracotta floor tiles came from Lowes. They were very economical at just $2 a square foot. here’s the link: for the large ones. We love them. They are rustic and textural and in my opinion look expensive! The wood counters are great. We gave me them 3 coats of polyurethane, particularly because of water splashing from the sink. They are holding up nicely. I don’t do anything to them other than wipe them off. This is the second Ikea kitchen we’ve done and I couldn’t be more pleased with the durability and design, particularly for the price. Have fun with your reno! Debra

  2. Hi, your countertop looks great!
    Could you please post more details on the steps to staining the top? Sanding? number of coats of stain? wax? oil? ongoing maintenance?
    Thank you!

    • Thank you, Jim. The countertop is holding up beautifully. We don’t do anything to it other than wipe off with dish soap and water. When we bought it, we sanded it with an orbital sander. Then stained it. We did 3 coats of polyurethane and steel wooled it in between coats. Hope this helps! Debra

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! Do you think I would need to stain the top if I will only rarely do any cook/prep on it and will mostly use it as an entertainment cocktail table of sorts? Will probably put snacks on it which may spill, or drinks/alcohol/juices which may spill or leave condensation which I would wipe off.

    • Jess, Staining will only change the color. It doesn’t protect the wood. The wood is light so if you want it darker, stain is needed. To protect the surface from absorbing stains and spills, it definitely needs some sort of protection so spills don’t penetrate. Polyurethane or polyacrylic are what I typically use, at least 2 or 3 coats. Debra

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