Fall Decorating – Living Room and Layered Rugs

I finally have some photos to share with you of our fall living room.  This room  took awhile to pull together because  I tried several different combinations of accessories.  I brought things out of storage in my  basement, and just “played”.  This is probably my favorite pass time … moving furniture around, trying different accessories and along the way cleaning, polishing and organizing.


For this room I was looking to do some pops of fall color but not stray too far from our mostly neutral color palate.  I started with some new plaid pillows from Target on the matching club chairs.  They are big and plump and cozy like a flannel shirt.


On the sofa I added two new pillows – a navy and white window pane and a graphic pheasant pillow – both from Target.  But not much in the way of color pops yet …

Then I switched out a leather footstool for one that I found curbside and had stashed in our basement.  This was a piece that I intended to recover at some point.   It just so happens to be orange plaid and I thought it might work for a pop of fall color.


I liked the leather ottoman in the photo below (also thrifted) but it has always been a little too big for the space and when I looked at the photos of the room, I noticed all the different shades of brown leather (2 chairs , the ottoman, and some old suitcases) that I had going on.


 It really helps to look at the room through a camera lens because it reveals things that you just don’t notice otherwise.   So, out with the leather and in with orange plaid.

Between the two chairs I played around with a stack of leather suitcases and a stack of baskets, before settling on the baskets.  The baskets added some interesting texture and function as dvd storage and a  landing spot for a drink and a book.


The large tobacco basket behind the chair has been up for awhile.  We brought this home from an antique store in South Carolina way back when.  It too has a graphic, almost “plaid” pattern.

To spread some color over to the sofa, I added one orange-ish pillow   This was a PB cover I purchased a few years back.  What can I say … I collect pillow covers!


And then I turned my attention to the floor.  I’ve been intrigued by all the photos I’ve been seeing of layered rugs. What a neat way to add some coziness and  warmth to the floor!  Here’s a few that caught my eye on Pinterest:


Neutrals are great but don't be afraid to pick a signature color. Interior Design by Emily Henderson:


I want a pair of these chairs.:


A Rug to Love!:


Searching my basement, I pulled out this old black needlepoint rug, thrifted at some point in time.


It’s not the perfect rug in terms of size and color, but I like it enough to live with it for awhile.  It’s got some pale pink in it that I am ignoring and when I look at the room as a whole, it seems to read as black.  I like the grid design which echoes my plaid theme and it anchors the room, too.  Plus, it makes the room feel warmer.


But after I laid the rug down, I had to tone down the orange of the ottoman because of its proximity to the pink parts of the rug.   So, I moved the neutral throw from the arm of the chair to the ottoman.  And here’s how it looks now:


On the opposite side of the room are my two mismatched leather chairs.


The Eames style chair purchased from the Habitat Restore got a new throw from Target.  I like the black  white graphic design along with the fringe on this throw. And it ties to the black rug and the black piano niche.  Incidentally, the throw is on clearance now – just $6!

The log cabin quilt in the background was made by my great aunt.  It instantly brought some fall color to this side of the room.


Finally, I refreshed the chalkboard wall piano niche with one velvet pumpkin and some gold framed yard sale artwork.


 I like how the gold frames pop against the black wall.


 You can read about the piano niche and why I did a black wall here and how I made the hand painted bench cover here.



So that’s a wrap!


Just in time to think about redecorating for Christmas!




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