DIY Christmas Tree Collar

For the past several years, we’ve opted to use a large galvanized tub in place of a tree skirt for our Christmas tree  We would simply put the tree stand in the tub and then set the tree in the stand … tailored, easy, done. This year we managed to put the tree in the stand, add the lights and all the ornaments before giving any thought to the tub!  And there was no way I was going to talk my husband into somehow lifting the fully decked out tree with all kinds of glass ornaments and me trying to slide the tub under it … impossible.

So, I was faced with needing to come up with something to pretty up the base of the tree.  Tree skirts are nice but I find them to be fussy –  between trying to water the tree without disturbing the skirt, to cats that love to mess it up.  What I’ve been seeing a lot of this year is a “tree collar”.  Here’s two that caught my eye this week at  Home Goods:


This metal one is similar to the look of the galvanized tub I had been using:


Each of these were around $60.

I also really liked these wicker models from Pier One which are on sale now for about $60:

Woven Tree Collar with Ribbon | Pier 1 Imports:

Woven Tree Collar | Pier 1 Imports:

However, none of these work for a tree that is already trimmed and pretty much unmovable.  So as they say, necessity is the mother of invention…. I scoured my basement and found a very old laundry basket whose bottom was falling out and some of the wicker was broken.  Hmmm…. I asked hubby if we could knock out the bottom of the basket and then  cut out a section of one side of the basket –  creating a large enough hole that I could slip the thing around the base of the tree and the tree stand.

Using a cordless circular saw he zipped out a section in less than 5 minutes,  and transformed my falling apart basket into this:


He “sealed” the edges of the wicker with some hot glue so that my tree collar wouldn’t easily fall apart. It was so easy to just slip it around the tree.  You can’t notice that the tree stand actually extends out the back a bit … that’s the beauty of having a tree collar with an opening in the back.


I am pleased that we found a use for a laundry basket that was beyond usable.  And I really like the texture that my laundry basket-turned-tree collar adds to the room.




Oh, and Sweetie agrees that it adds just the right touch to her cozy spot for catnapping.

So, scour your basement and garage for a basket that has seen better days and transform it like we did.  We’d love to see your transformation!











  1. You have inspired me to try this. I think i will cut the handles off the basket and turn it upside down and place around the tree for a flared base under the Christmas tree.

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