Beach House Bathroom Makeover in Progress!

For the past six weeks, we’ve been working  on the bathroom at the Jersey shore house .  This bathroom hasn’t been updated since the house was built.  Not only does it look dated, but the tile is crumbling, faucets are leaking and it’s  a dark, cramped space.

 Here she is in all her 1970’s glory:


With only one bathroom for this 1,200 square home, we analyzed every nook and cranny to see how we could maximize the space and make it feel larger.

 Here are the structural changes we have already completed:

Replace existing door with a pocket door and remove linen closet.


Before, the door opened into the bathroom, towards the wall on the left.  This was where the linen closet was and you couldn’t open the closet door unless you first closed the bathroom door.  It was an awkward setup.

Replacing the door with a pocket door and removing the linen closet gave us enough room to install a 60 inch vanity and add a second sink.  I don’t like losing a closet but we can compensate for the lost storage with some open shelving and the space we gain with the larger vanity.

Add a skylight


The skylight has flooded the bathroom with natural light and has made the space feel much larger.  Before, there was just the one small window and because it is in direct view of anyone entering the house from the backdoor, it stays covered most of the time.

In terms of design, I am going for a light, bright space with a mix of high and low finishes – mixing rustic ship lap on the walls with shiny marble on the floors and vanity top.   I found a vanity on Craig’s List which will get a facelift  with paint and new hardware.  This will stretch our budget and  allow for a splurge for real marble.  I am also playing with mixing the hardware a bit – using both brass and chrome. I’ll layer on some color with the towels, window curtain and plants.

Here’s the inspiration board I put together for the new bathroom:



There’s lots of finishing touches happening this week.  I can’t wait to share the final photos with you!



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