Hallway Makeover

Hallways are often overlooked spaces for decorating but in a small house such as ours,  I want to make every inch count!  Here’s how I took our hallway from a mere passageway to the bedrooms, to a styled space that hints at the colors found in the bedrooms and bathroom:

BEFORE                                                         AFTER

Accent Wall + Mirror + Rug + Console + Lamp 

1. Accent Wall – I shared how I did my handpainted wall design here.  Because this hallway is narrow, using the side walls for a picture gallery was out of the question — you wouldn’t be able to get far enough away to view them!  So I focused on the wall at the end of the hallway.  I considered simply painting it another color, using a stencil, wallpaper and even painting a buffalo check pattern.  In the end, the least expensive option was free-handing a design using some leftover paint from our exterior shutters.


2. Mirror – A hallway is a great place for a mirror.  It reflects light and provides a spot to check yourself before heading out the door.  Our house has just one bathroom, so having an extra mirror is really helpful.  I purchased this from Home Goods last year.  I really  like the combination of the gold finish with the nautical rope.


3. Rug – Always a nice way to cozy up a space.  There are so many runner options available and I really like vintage orientals.  But I decided to go neutral here because of all the color in the wall and the console table.  I found a 2 x 10 foot natural jute runner here on Amazon.  Love all the texture it adds to the space!


4. Narrow Table – A narrow console table is a nice addition to a hallway because it provides a spot for a lamp and some small accessories.  I found mine at our local Habitat Restore. I wasn’t sure if I really liked it but the width, depth and $20 price tag were perfect.  Here’s how it looked before we painted it:


First we tried spray painting it in a light coral.  There aren’t many color options in spray paint so I crossed my fingers that the coral would be bright enough.  It wasn’t.


It looked too feminine.  So my friends at Back Home Belvidere, shared some leftover darker coral paint with me..  I liked this better.




5.  Accent Lamp – Hallways typically have a ceiling fixture or two, but for ambient lighting an accent lamp is ideal.  I love how the hallway looks at night and it lights the way to the bathroom for guests!  I thrifted the lamp and the shade for $10.  The clear glass base doesn’t take up any space visually and the height is just right.  Eventually, hubby will add an electrical outlet behind the console but for now, I have the lamp cord running to the adjacent bedroom.


Finally, I layered on some small accessories.  The faux banana leaf and nautical rope ball were from Michael’s. I found the blue and white ship plate at Back Home Belvidere in Belvidere NJ.  The coil basket and wicker covered carafe were thrifted.  I played with different heights in order to bridge the gap between the mirror and the console table.






Happy Summer!  Debra


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