DIY Ticking Stripe Doormat

This is a quick and easy project when your entry needs a little spruce up! I made one of these striped doormats a few years ago using spray paint which you can read about here.  This time, I used leftover exterior paint and a brush and actually found it to work better.

I started with a basic coir doormat.  I prefer the type that is completely made of coir, without a rubber backing.  The rubber prevents water from passing through so you end up with a water logged doormat if it’s exposed to rain.  I purchased a 22 x 36 inch mat on Amazon here.  Incidentally, if you have an old coir mat, this painting technique can breath new life in it!


Using blue painter’s tape, I taped out my first set of stripes.  I used a tape measure to find the center of the mat and from there I just eyeballed my stripes.


I did my first set of stripes in SW Dignity Blue – leftover exterior paint from our shutters.  I tried using a roller but the paint did not soak into the fibers.  I found that a narrow paint brush worked much better because I could put more pressure on the fibers.


Once the blue paint dried, I removed the painter’s tape.  Then I taped out where I wanted to paint the white stripes. To do this, I had to tape over the blue stripes. (I got ahead of myself with this project so I don’t have a lot of in progress photos.)  The white paint is some leftover SW Extra White exterior paint.


I like how the mat ties together the color from the shutters and porch pillows and adds a little beachy vibe without going overboard!





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